Work into Spanish is so much more than just a basic workplace Spanish text. Written by language professionals with years of experience in second-language training, the book is filled with pragmatic, communicative activities that let participants practice learned vocabulary and grammar points with new-found confidence. We engage! There are verb relays, vocabulary bees, pair and group competitions, reading-robins, comprehension match-ups, sentence strip races, story chains, memory recalls – even a basketball exercise – all geared toward successful and continued communication in Spanish at work.

There is no rote memorization with Work into Spanish either! In just a short time, employees have enough practice to begin creating their own work-related sentences, effectively shrinking that language barrier at work that has existed far too long. Also included are cultural tips in every chapter to address workplace diversity and enhance awareness of Latino culture. And let’s not forget the jokes! Each lesson starts with a joke that participants can learn and tell to their Spanish-speaking employees to get communication going from day one!

With Work into Spanish, the instructor/staff trainer has all the resources compiled in the text to guarantee that successful learning will happen!

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About the Author

Author, Michelle Buehring, is a veteran ESL teacher of over 30 years. She teaches for the Los Angeles and Ventura County Community College system and is presently the workplace English coordinator at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California. Fluent in Spanish and German, Michelle brings her teaching experience to the lessons with the guarantee that they will make language learning a true joy. “Work into Spanish is so much fun to teach, and the students really make tremendous progress.”

John F. Walker, an ESL instructor since 1992, is now the English language program director at Soka University in Aliso Viejo, California.

Maria Elena Walker is a certified Spanish interpreter at the U.S. Immigration Court in Los Angeles. She taught medical Spanish for the University of Southern California (USC) before turning her focus toward court interpreting.