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So you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish for work because you think it would be useful on the job? Then let Work into Spanish help you communicate simply, effectively, and confidently.

We all know that workplace language training is a win-win situation for everyone at work. It fosters better communication among employees, promotes teamwork and trust, increases productivity, improves work quality, and strengthens company profitability. It is a great return on investment for all who participate.

Just 12 lessons?

Yes, that’s right! Scheduling a workplace Spanish language course within the workday can be challenging. So, Work into Spanish takes a “lunch and learn” approach to the joy of learning Spanish. Lessons are divided into one-hour segments, making communication among workers in Spanish possible in just twelve sessions. Since every chapter’s activities are different, employees participate in an array of challenges to communicate successfully and easily, gaining a multitude of confidence as they go. There’s nothing dry or boring about our approach!

*Work into Spanish has an accompanying teacher’s guide as well, with recommendations for all content activities and helpful to all instructors/staff trainers.

Why don’t you take a peek inside to see if Work into Spanish is the right text for you!

What Hispanic/Latino managers think…When asked about their approach to work, Hispanic/Latino managers overwhelmingly expressed an emphasis on attention to other people and to interpersonal relationships. “If someone comes into my office with a question, he or she should receive an answer. I’ll stop what I’m doing because they want an answer or they wouldn’t be standing there.” From “Culture and Identity among Hispanic Managers in an Anglo Business.”

Work into Spanish is now available in a digital edition!
What they are saying…
“With the fun, yet practical curriculum, our employees were wild about learning Spanish and enthusiastically applied their new language skills in the workplace. This content is the real deal!”

Christian DeSario Human Resources Business Partner Crane Aerospace and Electronics Burbank, California
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Work into Spanish
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